About Us

We are a small law firm in rural, Washington County, Ohio that handles several types of legal matters.  From Estate Planning to Debt Collection, from Divorce / Custody to Adoptions and from Criminal Law to DUI / OVI, we are here to help in Ohio and West Virginia.  If you find yourself in a situation that we cannot help with, we have established a large network of colleagues of whom we have developed mutual respect for, and we will get you connected with them.  Our main priority is getting successful results for all of our clients.  We strive to act in a professional, respectful manner at all times. 

Protecting the Law Since 2007

In 2007, Tim Loughry opened his own small private practice. His goal at that time was to grow his business in a professional, respectful manner. After several years of growth and solving thousands of legal problems, in 2016 Tim purchased the law firm of Buell & Sipe, Co, L.P.A. He moved into their building and formed Loughry, Buell & Sipe, LLC. Shortly therafter, Michael Buell and Dennis Sipe, both retired.

Business continued to grow, and Tim has been able to expand the practice. Laura Knab Silwani was hired in 2019 to handle all types of domestic and estate planning matters.

In 2021, the firm added Brett Lenarz to handle all types of criminal matters. Along with a great support staff, Tim, Laura, and Brett are able to continue to grow and help several people with various types of legal problems. Just like in 2007, and now with a little help, Tim’s goal is to grow the business in a professional and respectful manner. 


Our Practice Areas

Administrative Law



Business Startup and Contracts

Estate Planning


Civil Litigation

Criminal Law

Family Law Consultation

Finance Law Consultation

Probate Consultation

Why Choose Us

Honest Hardworking Attorneys

Tim, Laura, and Brett share a philosophy of providing the highest quality representation possible, while treating everyone with respect.

Modern Legal Care

Tim, Laura, and Brett utilize the most modern technologies in order to provide the best legal representation. From mobile access to time saving software, all technological advances are utilized to ensure our clients have access to the most modern representation.

Our Philosophy


The Law Comes First



Honest Communication



Commitment to Excellence


Let Us Work For You